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Black Country Core Strategy
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Issues & Options Consultation Report

This is the first stage of the formal review of the Black Country Core Strategy. This initial consultation is about identifying the issues that the review will need to address and the broad options for how the sustainable growth of the Black Country can be achieved.

This is the first of three key opportunities to help shape the review, with further consultation on a preferred spatial option and draft plan programmed for 2018 and 2019. As this consultation focuses on reviewing the Core Strategy, it is recommended that it is read alongside a copy of the adopted Core Strategy, which is available to view on this website.

The Consultation ran for 10 weeks from 3rd July to 8th September 2017 and has now ended.

Throughout the Issues and Options Report, a series of questions were asked on key points. Accompanying the report a consultation leaflet included a short list of less detailed questions.

A 'Call for Sites' also formed part of this consultation. The Call for Sites process focuses on identifying sites to accommodate housing and employment land needs. All sites submitted during the consultation period will be considered as part of the evidence work for the next stage of the Strategy.

  • Dudley MBC
  • Sandwell MBC
  • Walsall MBC
  • Wolverhampton City