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Saturday 27 May 2017
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Black Country Joint Core Strategy

What is the Joint Core Strategy about?

Square, Walsall
Square, Walsall

The Core Strategy is a ‘spatial planning document’ (dealing not only with land use but also environmental, economic and social issues) that will set out the spatial vision, objectives and strategy for future development in the Black Country up to 2026.  It will contain core policies and a monitoring and implementation framework.


It will progress the work already undertaken by the four Black Country Local Authorities and their partners, through the Black Country Study, which has been looking at how to transform the Black Country.  We want to use this to produce positive, local policies which make the Black Country into a place where people will want to live, work and invest.


The Core Strategy will be a Development Plan Document and will form the basis of the Black Country Local Authorities’ Local Development Frameworks (the folder of local planning documents). Although the Core Strategy will not mention specific sites, it will cover issues including:



  • the location and type of future housing developments
  • where jobs should be located

  • how people can move around the Black Country

  • the location and size of new shopping, leisure and cultural facilities
  • protection and improvement of the natural and built environment
  • how to address the needs of the Black Country’s diverse communities
Lyng, Sandwell
Lyng, Sandwell

The strategy will set out what is to be done, where and by whom to achieve the over-arching vision and objectives.  It will co-ordinate the local authorities and their partner organisations policies and actions which affect what goes where in the area.


The Core Strategy will guide future development decisions throughout the Black Country and will be used to decide planning applications. It will provide the strategic framework for other, more detailed Local Development Framework plans, produced by the four Black Country Local Authorities, once it is formally adopted.