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Black Country Core Strategy

Call for Sites

We are currently reviewing the Black Country Plan which will set out how much land will be required to meet future needs for housing, employment and other uses over the next 15-20 years.  

The Government requires local planning authorities to conduct a ‘call for sites’ exercise as a key component of the Strategic Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment. This will inform policies in the new Black Country Local Plan for housing, employment and other uses and will ensure that the new Plan allocates enough land to meet identified needs, based on the individual site’s suitability, availability and achievability.

As part of Black Country Plan review, approximately 230 site specific submissions have been made to date (March 2019).  All sites that have been submitted have been plotted on the map (where we have received site location details).  Where we have not received site location details we are in the process of obtaining these from the site owner/agent.   We will continue to update the website when we receive any new submissions.  

We are currently in the process of assessing all the Call for Sites that have been submitted and any additional sites that will be submitted up to the 1st June 2019.  We envisage this will be an ongoing process up to early autumn and we will be contacting site promoters individually where we require any additional information.  We will publish our findings when we produce our Draft Plan for which will be the subject of a comprehensive public consultation. 

Please note that, at this stage, none of the sites that have been submitted have been formally allocated and not all sites proposed in the call for sites will be found to be suitable, available or achievable.

You can view the call for sites map here.  In addition, a list of all the sites is available to view in the summary document list below.   

In order for Call for Sites submissions to be considered through the current review process the closing date is 1st June 2019. To put forward a site submission please use the link below. 

Make a site submission

GDPR Compliance Statement

All planning policy documents are public documents; in accordance with Planning Legislation any comments which you submit relating to a planning policy document consultation will be available for public viewing both online and within our designated public locations. When responding please include your name, address and/or e-mail address. The information you provide will be stored within the Councils’ or Council’s electronic databases and some details including your name and whether a respondent is a resident, business or public body may be published on the Black Country Core Strategy website and / or individual Council websites, and they will be available for public view.  Personal contact details including your postal address, phone number and email address will not be published by the Black Country Councils or any individual Council.  Information provided by you will be published and retained in-line with each of the four Black Country Councils’ retention policy for planning policy, which requires the Councils to retain your information for 10 years after adoption of the relevant planning policy document. The Councils will only use your data to inform planning policy and to keep you informed of the planning policy process and of proposals for new or amended policies.  The Councils may therefore consult you in relation to future planning policy documents jointly or as individual authorities. Any representations that are considered defamatory or discriminatory not be accepted. 

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