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Saturday 27 May 2017
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Black Country Joint Core Strategy

Sustainability Appraisal

Red House Glass Cone and Canal in Dudley Borough
What is a Sustainability Appraisal?
A Sustainability Appraisal (SA) is a way of assessing the policies and proposals in a plan, to find out whether or not they are likely to lead to sustainable development. It assesses the economic, environmental and social effects of the plan, looking at positive and negative effects, and long term as well as short term effects.
As the Black Country Core Strategy is a land use plan that will be part of each authority’s Local Development Framework, it must be subject to a SA. The SA is not a single “one off” assessment but is done in stages as the Core Strategy develops, because the outcome of each stage of the SA is meant to influence the next stage in the development of the plan. Where a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) is also required, this is normally done as part of the SA, because both types of assessment consider environmental effects so it is more efficient to do a single integrated assessment.
The Black Country authorities have appointed Tesserae Environmental Consultants to carry out the SA and SEA of the Core Strategy.
Publication SA/SEA Report
The SA/SEA to accompany the Joint Core Strategy for the Black Country Publication Document is available to view here. This has informed the preparation of the proposed submission document and should be read alongside it.
Preferred Options SA/SEA Report
The SA/SEA to accompany the Joint Core Strategy for the Black Country Preferred Options is available to view here.  This document is also subject to public consultation during 17th March 2008 to 28th April 2008.
Issues and Options SA/SEA Interim Report
The Issues and Options Consultation Paper for the Core Strategy was published and made available for comment during the summer of 2007.
At this time the SA/SEA process was well underway with the Scoping Report published and available below. The next stage in this process was the publication of the Issues and Options Interim Report. Although this isn’t a statutory document it was believed by the Black Country Authorities that this would be a useful document to be read alongside the Issues and Options Consultation document to provide a sustainability context. This document is available to view at the bottom of this page.
Core Strategy Scoping Report (Sustainability Appraisal  Stage A)

A Scoping Report has been produced for the Black Country Core Strategy. It incorporates Strategic Environmental Assessement (SEA) Equality Impact Assessment (EqIA) and Health Impact Assessment (HIA).
Public involvement through consultation is a key element of SEA. Consultation also takes place with statutory agencies with environmental responsibilities in England, namely the Environment Agency, English Heritage and Natural England (formally English Nature and the Countryside Agency).
The document is available to download below but hard copies were made available to view at a variety of public buildngs across the four local authority areas.  Consultation was undertaken on this document between 9th March to 20th April 2007.